August: Celebrating my Birthday (again)

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Hi there! It’s me. Your favorite Spa Diva. I’m back. Had to take a little break from the blog thing. Did you miss me? Come on. Not even a little? Well, I have lots to catch you up on so get comfy.

I have some super amazing news: It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our new CMT, Samantha Burgess! Heavenly Hands Massage and Spa has finally found and added another talented CMT to our already fabulous party of one. Samantha is a graduate of NHI San Jose and began her spa journey in November when she chose Heavenly Hands as her externship site. Samantha specializes in massage but has quickly expanded into body wraps and salt glow treatments making her a wonderful asset to Heavenly Hands Massage and Spa. I mean everyone knows two is better than one. Welcome, Samantha!

Heavenly Hands has added another great service to our spa menu. We now offer salt and sugar scrubs! This aromatic treatment is soothing and refreshing leaving skin butter soft. I had one for my birthday and I couldn’t believe how smooth my skin felt! This is the perfect add on to any massage, facial, or wrap. It also is the perfect complement to our custom Skinny Tan application. Savor summer and maintain your glow all year round with this cellulite reducing, healthy way to tan. 

Heavenly Hands goes LIVE with its own SpaT.V. on August 30, 2017! My behind the scenes team and I have been hard at work creating the ultimate guide to everything spa. Allowing you to step into the world of relaxation and start living the Spa Life. Mark your calendars as you will not want to miss this Epic event and milestone. I WANT MY SpaT.V.! Don’t you?

I completed a half marathon in May and let me tell you 13.1 miles is a long way to run. I finished 53 in my age group. I seriously tip my hat to my avid runners, all of you ROCK! I have decided to hang up my running shoes for now and have started a new program called Orange Theory fitness which I really enjoy, but, it is an ass kicker as well. Hope all of you are staying active this summer too.

Speaking of summer, where are all my summer babies at? I was born in July 1976 so yeah I'm a summer baby and that makes me 41.  I know it's August but, I’m still celebrating which is a great thing all of you.

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For the next 24 hours, get any 60 min service for $41

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