Heavenly Hands Body Wraps

Body Wrap Process

There are several health benefits that come with a body wrap treatment. Not only do the wraps remove excess water from your body and reduce water weight, but they help eliminate toxins. With just the right combination of ingredients, your body will naturally detoxify itself through your skin's pores.

  • Each person has a different chemical makeup, body composition, lifestyle, toxicity level and the environment. 
  • Every person sees results at different times when using the wraps.
  • Every person’s body is different and reacts in its own time to the botanical ingredient in the cream.  Some people see great results after their first wrap, others it may take more.
  • Results will vary by individual and we encourage exercise & a sensible diet. Check out our Body Wrap Info Sheet and Detox Juicing Recipes links below.

Body Wrap Info Sheet

Three Day Juicing Diet (for best results use in conjunction with your body wrap)

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