March: The LUCKIEST Month of the Year

Just like that, it’s February.  I hope that your 2017 has gotten off to a great start and that you are sticking to your intentions or resolutions. As you know, I have committed to doing a half marathon in May so a run is now part of my daily schedule. I have been keeping track of my total miles! Check out Spa Diva on the Run to follow my progress.

A big shout out to all my new and existing clients who took advantage of our FREE body work consultations and discounted memberships last month. Good for you! Whether you committed to one of our 3, 6 or 12-month memberships, you have done one of the best things you could ever do for your physical and mental wellness. I would love to include your stories on how having regular massage appointments has changed your life. So please send me your feedback. I want to hear from you!

Happy Valentine's Day

February is the month of LOVE. The time of year when we are reminded of how in love we are (or how in love we aren’t). I mean, if you’re not part of a “twosome“ this year does that mean you should still celebrate Valentine’s Day? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTLEY! This got me thinking and I began to wonder: To valentine or self-valentine? No matter if you’re celebrating as a couple, with your girlfriends, or all by yourself, Heavenly Hands Massage and Spa is your Valentine Headquarters in 2017. Everyone knows that all great loves start with 'loving yourself first' and the most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself (spoken in my best Carrie Bradshaw voice).

Shakira Spa Trips

TRUTH: One of the best perks of being in the pampering business is that I get to go on what I like to call spa hopping. You know, a field trip for adults. My husband and I have one planned in Napa next month (I’ll let you know how it goes). Spa hopping is my “research” the way shopping is Carrie Bradshaw’s cardio! It is how I educate myself, and my staff, on what we like and don’t like. It is also a way to experience services that I think my clients would like to see on my spa menu. Ok, and I just LOVE going to the spa. DUH!

I’m proud to announce that this month Heavenly Hands Massage and Spa will include two amazing add-on services to our already fabulous Spa menu: Full Body Dry Brushing and the use of essential oils to create a customized Aromatherapy Massage.  I am absolutely in LOVE with both of these wonderful spa service enhancements and for a small fee, you can upgrade your session from a massage to a luxurious spa EXPERIENCE! I truly believe that massage and bodywork is part of stress and pain management, but a spa is about the extras, from the spa water to the ambiance. My clients often tell me they can “smell” my spa the minute they walk into my building.

Essential Oils

Full body dry brushing not only feels great, it also exfoliates scaly winter skin, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces cellulite, unclogs pores and aids in stress relief. Sound heavenly? Trust me, IT IS! Not to mention, a great prep service before your detox wraps. Be sure to add it to your next session.

The application of essential oils to the body is one of the oldest forms of medicine. Most of you are familiar with its relaxing benefits in a spa atmosphere. But did you know that essential oils can be used to treat anxiety, depression, digestion issues, migraines, and sleep disorders? They also improve mood and brain function, as well as, soothe sore throats and clear nasal passages.  Find out what essential oils are right for you and add them to your next session. Boom!  A whole new level of healing.  Already familiar with the benefits of essential oils? I would love to hear about your favorites.

Be sure to take advantage of the wonderful spa packages we have created just for you. Don’t forget to enter yourself and ALL your single girlfriends in “The Single Ladies” gift basket raffle. Let me tell you, this basket will have all you married girls wishing you were single! This basket ($450 value) is stocked full with everything a single lady needs to celebrate herself! Tickets are $5 apiece. Not entering would be a huge mistake. HUUUGE! The winner will be announced on March 1, 2017 and that’s just FABULOUS!

See you at the spa!

~ Shakira

FEBRUARY SPECIALS: The sweetest month of the year!

The Sweet Escape - $250 (reg $300)

This extravagant package starts with a full body dry brush exfoliation, followed by relaxing warm oil massage and hot towel foot treatment + a 60-minute rejuvenating facial treatment. For those in need of serious indulgence and pampering.

The Couples Retreat ~ $125 (reg $175)

Pamper yourself or your loved ones with this lavish Valentine’s Day spa package. Relax during a soothing and calming 60-minute massage. This indulgent package is just what you need. Perfect to ease tired, sore muscles & relax your mind. 

Gift Basket Raffle ~ $450 net value

For "All the Single Ladies" this Valentine's Day! Heavenly Hands Massage & Spa is raffling off a "Single Ladies" gift basket specifically for you. Making February the sweetest month of the year! Click button below to get the details.

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