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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hi Everyone,

Today is St. Patricks Day. The luckiest day of the year. It also marks a very important anniversary for me and my little spa. Six years ago today, I took my very first client in my current location. That my friends makes it a SUPER LUCKY day for me!  My clients are my extended family and I have immense gratitude for each of you. Thank you all so much for your many years of support.I made a decision early last year to switch my business model to provide services on an exclusive basis. Deciding then to focus on a smaller number of select clients. Considering the current crisis, it turns out that this was a good thing in more ways than one. It means that my office is not visited by the general public on a daily basis and that is good for me and you.

  • All my appointments are on an appointment-only basis.
  • I know all of my customers very well so there are no strangers coming through the doors.
  • I have staggered appointments so there is minimal overlap between appointments which means you are unlikely to meet someone else in my lobby.
  • I have asked all of my clients to NOT come in if they are sick or think they might have been exposed.
  • Excellent hygiene has always been a top priority before, and I continue to keep extremely high standards in my spa.

My plan is to take appointments again as soon as the ‘shelter in place’ order is rescinded and to continue to provide you all with a safe, clean, and relaxing environment.

See you on the other side, I miss you already!

Shakira ??

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