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And... just like that, it's April!

How are you all doing? Miss me yet? I MISS all of you and have had a rough couple of weeks processing this whole pandemic thing. Mostly feeling sad that I’m unable to reopen this week as originally hoped. If we’re lucky, we will all be able to go back to work (fingers crossed) by April 30th. Just in time to celebrate my 20th Anniversary as a massage therapist and a woman in business. If that happens we can all celebrate, and CELEBRATE we will!

Until then, like you, I will continue to self-quarantine and do my part. I have been going on long walks, practicing social distancing of course, on the days that I can. Here are some photos from those walks.

I have started cooking my way through the pantry. It’s amazing the stuff you find when you’re forced to make something with what you have on hand. I have started an Instagram page dedicated directly to my ‘quarantine cooking experiments’ called @thegourmetgansta_510 check me out if you would like to follow along. I’ll post photos and share recipes too.

I have been starting most of my days with a guided meditation using The Calm app. This only takes 15 to 20 min and really helps me to “not go to the dark side” so to speak. It helps me stay focused on those days when my mind strays into worrying about what our new “normal” might look like. It helps keep me grateful for what I do have. My family, you, and this amazing opportunity I have been given to help and heal people. Yes. You can get all of this from a meditation app. LOL.

Ok, I can see all my Moms out there (yes I have ESP). Oh, excuse me, I mean my “Teacher/Moms”, all rolling your eyes like you have time to sit 15 – 20 minutes with your eyes closed! Ha! All jokes aside, I confess, some days I cry and some days I dance around my living room like the crazy woman that you all know and love.

We keep hearing “we are in this together” but, together is NOT exactly where we are. I feel for all of you and I would love to hear what you have been doing while in quarantine? I am in contact with a lot of you via text or Facebook but, I would love to hear more about how you are getting through this. To my small business owners, students, teachers, and counselors. To my stay-at-home moms and all the movers and shakers who travel for a living. To my spa industry colleagues and city workers. To my Uber drivers and therapists. My first responders, doctors, and nurses on the front lines and my techies working from home. Some of you live alone. I know not being able to socialize has taken a toll on you for sure. Some of you live with others and are now realizing that “thing” they do, isn’t so cute after all. Whatever case, each and every one of you are unique with your own set of circumstances to deal with. No matter your situation, we can swap survival skills. As you already know, should any of you going thru separation anxiety, depression, or any stress-induced emotion, please reach out. If not to me, then to someone. In that sense, we ARE all in this together.

Until then, stay home. Stay healthy. Stay sane. Try to find the bright side and do what feels natural.

See you soon,
Shakira ??

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