Airbrush Tan
Full Body Tan - $44
Double Coat for Deep Bronze - $10

Express Airbrush Tan
Same great results for those who are in a rush. This solution is a rapid accelerator and must be washed off after 2-3 hour period - $54

Partial Airbrush Tan
Face - $15
Upper Body - $20
Lower Body & Legs - $20



Mobile Tans
Airbrush Tan - $60
Shimmer Tan - $70
Competition Body Bronze - $70

Shimmer Tans
Great for day of events shimmer washes off after 1 to 2 days - $60

Competition Body Bronze
Best done on the day of competition or a photo shoot. This formula was designed for models and bodybuilders. Washes off after the first shower but still leaves a natural looking tan - $60


Tanning Packages
2 pack of airbrush tans - $74
3 pack of airbrush tans - $104
4 pack of airbrush tans - $125
5 pack of airbrush tans - $145
6 pack of airbrush tans - $160
8 pack of airbrush tans - $195
10 pack of airbrush tans - $220

Packages cannot be combined with any other offers or specials. In-house tans only. Packages cannot be shared, they must be used by the same person.

First Class Experience
This is a first-class luxurious Personal Airbrush Tanning salon that includes today's most advanced techniques.

Highly Trained Technicians
Every technician is highly trained and airbrush certified.

Personable & Professional
We provide you with the utmost attention, courtesy and highest quality level of service.

Affordable & Convenient
We work hard to offer our luxury airbrush tanning service at the best possible price. Enjoy reduced rates with our tanning packages.

Customer Satisfaction
Check out our customer testimonials and you will see that customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Your privacy is assured at all times.You deserve only the best!

What is airbrush tanning?
Airbrush Tanning is a process of applying tanning solution to your body using an airbrush spray gun. The solution goes on smoothly and evenly ensuring no orange tinting or streaking. The process is different from the spray booths, as it is applied by hand to your body by a trained and certified technician.

How do I prepare for my tanning service?
Exfoliate the day before your tan to remove dry, flaky skin that causes uneven tanning or spotting. We suggest a BODY SCRUB (not just a loofah, but a actual scrub 24 hours before your tanning session. Shave if needed. The day of your appointment, your skin should be clean, use a mild body wash NO bar soaps or body wash with added moisturizer in it. Remove all face make-up, eye make-up is ok. DO NOT apply lotions or perfumes. Use deodorant very sparingly or none.

What should I wear during my tanning session?
You may tan in the garment of your choice. 2pc. swim suits or underwear work well. Or nude. Bring loose fitting clothing for afterwards. (DO NOT WEAR JEANS) Tight clothes can rub off the DHA bronzer and smear the cosmetic bronzer.

What should I do after my tanning session?
Immediately after your tanning session avoid activities that may cause you to sweat excessively. Important: You must avoid water entirely for at least 5-7 hours or you will stop the tanning action of the DHA. Ideally, wait at least 5-7 hours before showering or bathing. The ‘‘instant color’’cosmetic bronzer will wash off just as it is designed to do. Moisturize daily with recommended lotion. Use a mild body wash (no bar soaps)

What about spot touch-ups?
Spot touch-ups are free for up to 48 hrs after you tan, if something needs to be fixed.

Is it better than tanning under the sun?
Heavenly Hands uses only the best and luxurious products for our airbrush tans. The solution is approved by the FDA for cosmetic purposes. The main ingredient is Dihidroxyacetone (DHA), the same ingredient that is used in self-tanners, another main ingredient is aloe vera. It is UV-Free Tanning & Paraben Free.

What else do I need to know?
It is important to use a mild wash & exfoliant, if they are oily they will interfere with your tan & your tan will appear blotchy. Avoid lotions & body wash with a high content of oils & alcohol. These products will fade your tan faster & make it blotchy. If you will be using hot-tubs or swimming pools, we highly advise you to use our tan extender 2-3 days after you tan. *Your tan will look great & last 7-10 days as long as you take care of your tan & use advised products.

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