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We are healers, wild spirits, and an apothecary of ancient formulas and rituals, where divine power enhances sacred beauty. We provide crystals, botanicals, & magick lifestyle for the spiritually inspired. Our formulas are herbal, handcrafted & organic, appropriate for all daughters of the Moon Goddess. More than just changing our lives, magick has shown us a more meaningful way to live. As mentors, we guide the way to health and balance using our own magical experience on living within the Divine Energy.

Most importantly, our products are based on our own research and our rituals on our self-study of ancient magick. Our recipes are based on empirical evidence, Native American Traditions, Ayurveda, Eastern Herbalism, and time-honored magick traditions.

As mentors, we guide the way to health and balance from our own magical experience on how to live within the Devine Energy. More than just changing our lives, magick has shown us a more balanced way to live.

May Blog – Mother’s Day Raffle

Thank you, everyone, for all the nice messages you have sent and for waiting patiently for me to reopen. As you have probably heard by now, we likely have at least one more month of being closed. That means one more month of us doing without each other. As hard as that may be...

2020 the year I turned 20 in quarantine

During this downtime, Heavenly Hands celebrated a significant milestone. As of April 26, 2020, I have officially been a massage therapist and business owner for 20 years! It seems like only yesterday when I walked out of the National Holistic Institute with my certificate in hand. I had no idea when I started, all the marvelous people I would meet along the way, and all the amazing places it would take me. I wasn’t aware then of how this career path would be the thing to give my life purpose and to ultimately mold my entire life. If you had told my 24-year-old self that I would be celebrating this achievement while in quarantine, I wouldn’t have believed it. Gotta admit tho, with everything going on, it feels bittersweet.

With Mother's Day just around the corner and while we're still under this darn SIP order, I thought LET'S DO SOMETHING FUN!!
More fun than sheltering-in-place for another month. LOL!

So, I'm raffling off MY VERY FIRST APPOINTMENT, ON THE VERY FIRST DAY that I'm allowed to have customers back in my studio! Whenever that is. Sound cool?



(you will receive a marvelous box delivered to you in the mail, chock full of some of my favorite products for you to treat yourself to a relaxing at-home Spa Day)

**Offer runs until Midnight on May 7, 2020**
**The winner will be announced May 8, 2020**

April Blog

And... just like that, it's April!

How are you all doing? Miss me yet? I MISS all of you and have had a rough couple of weeks processing this whole pandemic thing. Mostly feeling sad that I’m unable to reopen this week as originally hoped. If we’re lucky, we will all be able to go back to work (fingers crossed) by April 30th. Just in time to celebrate my 20th Anniversary as a massage therapist and a woman in business. If that happens we can all celebrate, and CELEBRATE we will!

Until then, like you, I will continue to self-quarantine and do my part. I have been going on long walks, practicing social distancing of course, on the days that I can. Here are some photos from those walks.

I have started cooking my way through the pantry. It’s amazing the stuff you find when you’re forced to make something with what you have on hand. I have started an Instagram page dedicated directly to my ‘quarantine cooking experiments’ called @thegourmetgansta_510 check me out if you would like to follow along. I’ll post photos and share recipes too.

I have been starting most of my days with a guided meditation using The Calm app. This only takes 15 to 20 min and really helps me to “not go to the dark side” so to speak. It helps me stay focused on those days when my mind strays into worrying about what our new “normal” might look like. It helps keep me grateful for what I do have. My family, you, and this amazing opportunity I have been given to help and heal people. Yes. You can get all of this from a meditation app. LOL.

Ok, I can see all my Moms out there (yes I have ESP). Oh, excuse me, I mean my “Teacher/Moms”, all rolling your eyes like you have time to sit 15 – 20 minutes with your eyes closed! Ha! All jokes aside, I confess, some days I cry and some days I dance around my living room like the crazy woman that you all know and love.

We keep hearing “we are in this together” but, together is NOT exactly where we are. I feel for all of you and I would love to hear what you have been doing while in quarantine? I am in contact with a lot of you via text or Facebook but, I would love to hear more about how you are getting through this. To my small business owners, students, teachers, and counselors. To my stay-at-home moms and all the movers and shakers who travel for a living. To my spa industry colleagues and city workers. To my Uber drivers and therapists. My first responders, doctors, and nurses on the front lines and my techies working from home. Some of you live alone. I know not being able to socialize has taken a toll on you for sure. Some of you live with others and are now realizing that “thing” they do, isn’t so cute after all. Whatever case, each and every one of you are unique with your own set of circumstances to deal with. No matter your situation, we can swap survival skills. As you already know, should any of you going thru separation anxiety, depression, or any stress-induced emotion, please reach out. If not to me, then to someone. In that sense, we ARE all in this together.

Until then, stay home. Stay healthy. Stay sane. Try to find the bright side and do what feels natural.

See you soon,
Shakira ??

March Blog

Puppy wonders if Costco had Toilet Paper Yet

Happy Sunday! 

Hi Everyone,

Most of you have made it halfway through the 14-day quarantine. Good job! Nobody knows what will come next but remember this. You are not alone. We will get through this together.

Since I now have lots of extra time on my hands I have restarted the blog on my website. Most posts will just be an update on what I happen to be doing that day, but, I’ll also have lots of information and ideas on how to survive the days ahead so please follow along.

Those of you suffering from anxiety or any other stress-related issues don’t be afraid to reach out to me directly.

Shakira ??

February Blog

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hi Everyone,

Today is St. Patricks Day. The luckiest day of the year. It also marks a very important anniversary for me and my little spa. Six years ago today, I took my very first client in my current location. That my friends makes it a SUPER LUCKY day for me!  My clients are my extended family and I have immense gratitude for each of you. Thank you all so much for your many years of support.I made a decision early last year to switch my business model to provide services on an exclusive basis. Deciding then to focus on a smaller number of select clients. Considering the current crisis, it turns out that this was a good thing in more ways than one. It means that my office is not visited by the general public on a daily basis and that is good for me and you.

  • All my appointments are on an appointment-only basis.
  • I know all of my customers very well so there are no strangers coming through the doors.
  • I have staggered appointments so there is minimal overlap between appointments which means you are unlikely to meet someone else in my lobby.
  • I have asked all of my clients to NOT come in if they are sick or think they might have been exposed.
  • Excellent hygiene has always been a top priority before, and I continue to keep extremely high standards in my spa.

My plan is to take appointments again as soon as the ‘shelter in place’ order is rescinded and to continue to provide you all with a safe, clean, and relaxing environment.

See you on the other side, I miss you already!

Shakira ??

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